Who we are-Rent Bike Virgen-about us-Juseppe and Pierpaolo
Who we are-Rent Bike Virgen-about us

RENT BIKE virgen

Rent Bike Virgen is not just a bike rental, it’s a big family. We will always welcome you with a smile and strive to ensure you have a great experience in the beautiful city of Valencia on our bikes. We operate three stores in the historic center. One store is located at Calle Bailía, near Plaza de la Virgen, hence the chosen name, the other at Calle Bolsería 17, near the central market.

Why choose Rent Bike Virgen?

What Rent Bike Virgen offers is not just a bicycle, but also an unforgettable experience with many tips for how to visit the city. With our map we will guide you among the wonders of Valencia.

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